Blizzard Entertainment is poor!


2 Feb 2004
Neowin has an article about Burning Crusade being dated to January 16 2007. In said article they mention that there are 7.5 million subscribers worldwide.

If one assumes that they are all paying $14.99 per month. One can see that Blizzard is making only $112.5Million/month.

Therefore Blizzard is poor like I am rich :p
112.5 isn't all profit. They have money, but not that much money.
Vern, agreed that it is not pure profit and also I will say that the actual subscriber base might be a little smaller.

Still, even if the overall income is approx $70 million a month, thats $840 million a year. Subtract server up-keep and R&D for new games, Blizzard should technically be raking it in. They SHOULD be easily making $200 million profit post taxes.

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