"Bliss" styled wallpapers


13 Jan 2004
hey guys, so im trying to find some good "bliss" styled wallpapers as the title says, so post any if you get them! ill contribute, no idea where its from, a friend sent it to me.

edit : couldn't upload it as a .jpg so i changed it to a .gif so you guys could see it.


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    bliss sky8.GIF
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I use this one as my login screen wallpaper.


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    Windows XP.JPG
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Are these any good to you?


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    Better Than Bliss.jpg
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  • Bliss 2004.jpg
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I have plenty of widescreen backgrounds. Let me know if you'd like me to post those.
wow some of those are nice! how did you make that your login wallpaper? it would make a nice one. unfortunately i don't have a widescreen yet, but i do plan to purchase one in the near future, so post them if you want.
I would like some widescreen wallpapers, I have a 24" wide screen at home. Runs at 1920x1200 resolution if that matters. thanks!
sweet, thank you so much
Here is one...


  • elusiveclouds12801024rrey0.jpg
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Hmm, I recently got a LG 194WTX LCD widescreen... where's the best place to get some decent WP for these things? :)
I got here to late to try for matt's offerings, the link is dead hehe.
DeviantArt :)

Post its native resolution and I'll paste you a direct link.

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