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Bleh, I'm already ready for this day to end...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Well, after things seemed to go well yesterday in spite of the neighbor waking me up, and then blasting his stereo when I came home at 1:30 am (well this morning), I had one of those days. Sorry for the rant though...

This morning I went to get the lease renewed on my apartment. Yeah, I know, with a neighbor like him... But I'm not overly fond of moving, and wy should I have to? After having had to move like 4 times a year when I first came out here and lived on campus (we weren't allowed to stay in our rooms between semesters, but had to clear all our stuff out and work out intercession housing, and then move back in again); I'm still rather tired of moving.

They mis-typed my lease, putting the wrong dates on there and some other errors, for which the manager was close to telling her she'd need to type it again (which would mean another wait, and comming back down). They corrected the forms, and then let me sign off on the changes...

So having gotten that taken care of, I had some other things to do, but on my way down went to donate blood. Another mess up which involved in them finding the vein, then deciding to change the arm rest on the chair. This after telling me not to move and all. I suggested that after having moved my arm, they should check it again. The person glanced and said it would be alright.

Well, sticking the needle in, it stung somewhat bad (now I really don't like needles :eek: though I'm not quite as bad as Goku :laugh: but this felt worse then normal). Only problem is, no blood was comming. So she had to call someone over, who rather then re-doing it, decided to adjust the needle. They got blood, but...

They were taking a double red blood cell count, and having taken the first unit of blood, the machine went to put the plasma back in. Only problem is the needle wasn't really in the vein then, and instead of pumping the plasma back in my vein, it was largely pumping it in the soft tissue under the skin, until my arm started inflating with blood plasma. It hurt, tingled, and my arm was swelling up. I called someone over and inquired if all was OK. They called another person, who looking at my arm was like "YOU GOT TO SHUT THAT MACHIEN OFF, NOW!!!.

So then they had paper work to fill out, had to get my signature (with one arm of practically no use to me then, being all hooked up, with a heat pack on it to try to reduce swelling and all), to also indicate they had to disconnect me, and only got 1 unit, not the original order, etc... It was about 2.25 hours since I arrived, that I was out of there. My arm isn't hurting like before, but is still a bit tender.

So then I leave to get registration handled for this semster. Only thing is, graduating from the other place and looking for a job (with a balance from before) I had to speak with the bursar's office. I had yesterday. He basically said to get $100 payed, show him a receipt, and then he would lift the hold and put me on an extended prom-notice (rather then the usual payment plans for a given semester), to give me time to find a job.

So I got back down, but had to fight traffic, and some elderly like drivers who don't seem to know what a gas peddle is, soccer moms, and people too busy chatting in their car to notice when a light changes.

I get down here, get it payed, and all. Leo (the head of the Bursar's dept) tells me the hold is lifted, and I should get registered for one class (will have to yellow card into another as it's full) by today. Rush over to another building where I can get online to do so, but the system is down.

So I have to run back, as time is closing in, and find out where I should go when the system is down. People don't seem to know, and I get shuffled around. Finally, someone just tells me to go to records, and they indicate that though one ordinarily should register through the system due to technical difficulties, they'll just process it there.

Only problem is, another hold which wasn't even showing in my student account comes up. Bascially, I came out here with a fair amount of transfer credits, and to take the number of courses I'd need to qualify to transfer into the school of engineering, I needed to temporarily transfer elsewhere, to have the time necessary. They put a hold on, wondering what I was doing. I went to the office where it was, and oh, that office was then moved, building remodeled or something. Got there, but they were closing up the office.

Someone checked, inquired, I explained it to them, and they said that yeah I shouldn't be seeing one, they'd lift the hold and put a note in my records over there that I'm qualifying to transfer into another college at the same university. They also indicated that they were on extended hours over at main building (where they house records, admissions, cashiers, bursar's, etc) and so I shoudl be fine. Except that they weren't today. Someone processed it last minute, so I managed to get through without the financial hold being re-applied, or a registration late fee being assesed.

Only thing is I now have an ISP bill to pay, and the only post office left open is the one at the air port. Driving around the air port, is a tad confusing even for locals :laugh: I could try mailing it tomarrow and hope it doesn't get there too late though, as I'm also hungry (haven't really had anything to eat, except where they were drawing blood), and being Friday night there's a waiting list at almost any resturant.


Carbon based lifeform
Political User
Sheesh! kick a guy when he's down....Well there is always tomorrow!

*Does Henyman really eat cats? I know mad cow and all, but that seems a little extreme.:laugh:

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Ya know, some peeps might think a lil different about the joke with Henny and eating cats, when I mention that there was this Chinese resturant in New Jersey where I grew up; that served cat meat in their food. Yes, they served it, with the customers unawares. That was until the media broke the story, and many a customer was rather upset by the whole ordeal, and stopped going there. The establishment soon went out of business...

BTW, I had cow, erm I mean steak for dinner last night. :D Stopped at the Outback, prior to heading up to the movies...

Unfortunately my bad luck didn't end then, last night however. Heading up to eat, there was like 3 cop cars and another completely blocking the only road (1 way street) to this one place I was going to try out, so had to get out of there mid-rush hour to try to find another place to go to.

Then, heading up to the movies, I was arrived like 3 mins before the start of the movie I ended up seeing, but at concessions the person handling the cashier took like 10 minutes to get 2 people 4 drinks (and no other items), and the people behind me were themselves beginning to discuss what was wrong that it should take the worker so long amongst themselves... I ended up in the theater itself 15-20 minutes late.

My arm's mostly better today (not swollen like yesterday, though heat, and then ice was put on it while still at the blood place), albeit all around the injection site has one nasty brouse. It feals more numb then anything now (probably my bodies own endorphins or something...)


Spammer representing.
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Take two ASPRIN as it will reduce the swelling and bruise.

Have a couple shots of Jose.

Eat a pizza.

Listen to some loud music.

You will feel better.

And keep your cat away from Heny.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Sorry, couldn't resist. :up: But with all this talk of eating cats, what if I were to say my cat was

Somehow, I wouldn't go poking that big boy with a salad fork :D


Political User
Son Goku said:
Sorry, couldn't resist. :up: But with all this talk of eating cats, what if I were to say my cat was

Somehow, I wouldn't go poking that big boy with a salad fork :D

I love tigers! Most awesome animals alive!

Evil Marge

I Rule
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X-Istence said:
I love tigers! Most awesome animals alive!
Theres an animal sanctuary in the mountains near Benidorm in Spain called Noahs Ark and when we went to visit last year they had just rescued a tiger cub and it was gorgeous.I took loads of pics but my camera broke so I lost them all :mad:

Noahs Ark

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, they're good looking cats, but not the sorta pussy one would want to mess with. It came to mind, as when I was last at the local zoo, some contender for the Darwin award decided to put their finger in the cage of one of the big cats there. They left the zoo one finger shy. They're responce was to try to sue the local zoo, and it was in the papers around here. Hmm, they only had signs telling people not to try to feed the animals and all, posted on the exhibit cages...

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