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Does anyone know how to get Bleem! (one of the first and best PlayStation Emulator, sadly enough it is not being developed anymore) to work on a Windows XP machine? When I click the executable, I get a 'Not valid Win32' error, no matter what compatibility options I choose. I have downloaded the latest Beta (released about 2 years ago) from MegaGames, but that results in the same error. Even cracks didn't work.

ps, I know that there are better emulators around now (like ePSXe, my favorite), but I am having some sound problems with that ePSXe and I wondered if Bleem! had the same errors. And besides, the CD-ROM was just laying around (yep it's an original CD with book etc).


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Bleem emulates in the original resolution etc, grainy as hell, looks absolutely horrid. You're best of staying with ePSXe, with the OpenGL wrappers and extra tweaks.


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Actually Bleem! also has DirectX wrappers, which were pretty good and fast (I am talking 3 years ago now). With ePSXe I have some slowdowns when I play XA music, but I can't remember I had that with Bleem!


I may actually be insane.
Electronic Punk said:
PS2 emulators anywhere? Would really love to get my hands on the final fantasy games that I missed.
Nope, and if you see one, it's fake. PS2 emulation won't be playable until we all have 6GHz under the hood :D

Remember, the original Playstation was only a 33Mhz machine with 2mb of memory, and it's still tricky to emulate that well enough to be playable :)


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Actually there are PS2 emu's around that can emulate some instructions baked in the Emotion Engine chip, some can even boot a commercial disc, but it's not playable. Like SPeedY_B says, when we have 6 GHz CPU's we can talk about proper PS2 emulation. When you want to emulate a CPU, especially the highly specialized chips used in consoles, you'd need a CPU that is running at least 20x faster than the CPU to be emulated. PS2 CPU = ~300MHz x 20 = 6000MHz/6GHz.

I would love to get my hands on one of those developer boards you can plug in a PCI slot in a normal PC, so you can play PS2 games on it. That board contains all chips and wires found in a PS2, but then in a PCI package. Schweet! (That brings back memories, the first 'PS2' was actually a PC with a specialized chip later to be named the Emotion Engine)

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