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6 Mar 2002
Does anyone know how to get Bleem! (one of the first and best PlayStation Emulator, sadly enough it is not being developed anymore) to work on a Windows XP machine? When I click the executable, I get a 'Not valid Win32' error, no matter what compatibility options I choose. I have downloaded the latest Beta (released about 2 years ago) from MegaGames, but that results in the same error. Even cracks didn't work.

ps, I know that there are better emulators around now (like ePSXe, my favorite), but I am having some sound problems with that ePSXe and I wondered if Bleem! had the same errors. And besides, the CD-ROM was just laying around (yep it's an original CD with book etc).
I've tried many times without any luck.
Bleem emulates in the original resolution etc, grainy as hell, looks absolutely horrid. You're best of staying with ePSXe, with the OpenGL wrappers and extra tweaks.
Actually Bleem! also has DirectX wrappers, which were pretty good and fast (I am talking 3 years ago now). With ePSXe I have some slowdowns when I play XA music, but I can't remember I had that with Bleem!
since where on the topic of emulators, where can I get some playstation games for them?
Local Retailers or eBay. Most places still sell PSX games.
PS2 emulators anywhere? Would really love to get my hands on the final fantasy games that I missed.
Electronic Punk said:
PS2 emulators anywhere? Would really love to get my hands on the final fantasy games that I missed.
Nope, and if you see one, it's fake. PS2 emulation won't be playable until we all have 6GHz under the hood :D

Remember, the original Playstation was only a 33Mhz machine with 2mb of memory, and it's still tricky to emulate that well enough to be playable :)
Actually there are PS2 emu's around that can emulate some instructions baked in the Emotion Engine chip, some can even boot a commercial disc, but it's not playable. Like SPeedY_B says, when we have 6 GHz CPU's we can talk about proper PS2 emulation. When you want to emulate a CPU, especially the highly specialized chips used in consoles, you'd need a CPU that is running at least 20x faster than the CPU to be emulated. PS2 CPU = ~300MHz x 20 = 6000MHz/6GHz.

I would love to get my hands on one of those developer boards you can plug in a PCI slot in a normal PC, so you can play PS2 games on it. That board contains all chips and wires found in a PS2, but then in a PCI package. Schweet! (That brings back memories, the first 'PS2' was actually a PC with a specialized chip later to be named the Emotion Engine)

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