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Blaster Worm and IE Issues


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My brothers just got his new PC and I've helped by installing EVERYTHING!
After installing XP, I knew I had to stop the blaster worm before it
causes a nuisance. I applied the patch and thought it would be OK,
but sure enough, my brother phones me up complaining his computer
keeps shutting down by itself. I took it home, scanned it with the
fix on the symantec site (nothing found of course!!) and reinstalled the patch...but it still counts down.
I've never encountered this before, anyone shed some light?
(Yes I have tried using NA2003 with latest updates,
I've also tried looking for it manually)

Also on my computer, sometimes when I go to close a window in IE,
it won't close basically. I usually end up closing pages with Task Manager,
you can imagine how annoying that can be :-[


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LocKStocK said:
Whats AVG?
and which question does it relate to?
Oopss.. sorry. Forgot to tell you. Download it from the link that tdinc provided. Scan your computer with that and let us know.


Best way to get rid of it is to remove it from startup where it actually is, last one I came across (not my machine) was named teekids.exe. Then search for it in the registry and it will give you an entry which is easy to delete.

Total size in kb of the virus is about 16. No biggie to get rid of rather than using some download scanner from symantec or whoever.

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Just curiuos, whould changeing the RPC services settings do anything? The settings Im lookin at are what to do it the service failes.

Lok at the screenshot to see what Im talkin bout.


You set it to make it close down a lot later, to give you time to get a patch or a fix, me I did what i wrote already from a ladies PC from my village.

Silly woman's husband had formatted reinstalled xp and decided to update it without a firewall or any virus (anti) software.

B.T.W. what speed does an AMD 3200+ go at?

My 2600+ goes at 1.91 ghz.


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The Sasser worm will also cause a shutdown, make sure you get all Windows Updates. typing shutdown -a will abort the shutdown and let you get the necessary updates and tools until you cn clean it.

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