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Blaster virus infects severs in Canada

The Blaster virus that exploits a RPC flaw in Windows NT based OS's starting with NT 4 has infected the sever at the Windsor, Ontario Seimens Manifold plant in Canada. One worker even reported that it took 45 minutes to login this morning. The Blaster virus has infected severs in Aisa, UK and even the US. Even the sever at the local campus was down because of this. UPDATE: An virus protection update was installed at Seimens so the same workers computer and others were rebooted
Virus Warning Levels:
Symantic: Level 4 Virus
C|Net: 7
ViperSnake broken windows rating for Viruses and Worms: 6 broken pieces of the Windows logo (8 is highest)

The e-mail virus protection has been upped so that every message gets scanned before it even gets on the sever, So it will be about a day before you even recieve a message at Seimens (Also this story should be pinned because this is urgent)


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A lot of companies have been hit with this. The company that just laid off their whole IT department in favor of out sourcing (my old job btw) was hit with this big time in Europe and India. Damn pager hasn't stopped for 2 days now

Cox Current System Status - California

Some customers may have difficulty connecting to the Internet, Member services, Webspace and E-mail. This is due to a worm propagating throught the Internet and our technicians are working to address the issue.
Some customers may lose connection to the Internet as modems are rebooted to apply a port 135 Fix. Modems are being manually rebooted system by system.

No wonder my connection was crawling this morning...and three hours of no connectivity.

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