blah blah blah


Was LadySunshine
yep...thats how my day has been..blah!

Well this IS the General Chatter board... So I'm chattering in "general". hehe

So how is everyone doing? :):p


Was LadySunshine
My sister just moved down to Florida... she called me last night to say "Ha ha". JERK! LOL!!!

Well today here in NY its sunny and pretty outside... with a high of 50. :)

So it's been a nice day all day. I've been out and about trying to get stuff for my car over to the body shop so they can finish the rust repairs and paint it. :D :D

Well that's about it. I'm so bored now... I got everything done that I needed to. lol!!


Prodigal Son
Make sure to call your sister back on Thursday morning. I don't know what part of FL. she is in but, here in central FL it is supposed to get down in the low 30's Wed. night/ Thurs. morning. Hopefully the last cold spell this year. Back up around 80* for the weekend.:cool:


hmmm... i feel half-blah. today was relatively quiet for a monday at my bank, which is good. my throat hurts 'cause i'm getting over a pooh-pooh cold. and my room is clean because i'm procrastinating on getting my butt in gear to study for my classes! so yeah. half-blah. oh, and it's gonna be warm tomorrow :p happy happy joy joy...


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hate to bring you guys down...but its about 75 perfectly sunny not a cloud in the sky and I have 3 more hours and I hit the beach to have an afternoon surf session. then taking a sick day tomorrow to go snowboarding at big bear if there is any snow left from this beautiful weather.:D :p

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All good still mate?
Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me ...
What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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