Blackle - Google's Energy Saving Counterpart


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This is pretty cool :)

Apparently it takes more energy for your computer monitor to display a white web page than a black one. So while the modern web standard of white and bright colored backgrounds with dark text is great for readability, it might not be great for the planet.

Heap Media decided to do something about it by creating a custom version of one of the most popular white-backgrounded sites on the web. Blackle is basically Google, but black. It's powered by Google, so you should have pretty much the same user experience when using Blackle as you do with Google. Only darker.


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So when is Google going to come out and say that one person idling around Wal-Mart in their Ford Exscursion to find a parking space two feet closer as they are fat, lazy and stupid is wrong?

Oh wait, I just said that.


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Ok, so we search for a term, then we click through to a link on Wikipedia which is *gasp* white... pointless. If you're really that concerned, just invert your screen colours, then it makes everything dark (well, almost everything :p)

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