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Black screen during boot?

Here's what happens when computer is turned on:

Intel screen appears for a second or so.

The screen with details about RAID set up (Intel Matrix or whatever - the press Cntrl - I screen! ;) ) for a couple of seconds.

Then a black screen with the letters BA in the lower right hand corner comes up for several seconds. What is this screen? Can I get the computer to skip it?

Then the XP logo screen.

Computer seems to be working OK. I don't understand that black screen though.
Maybe a picture will help?

When I first put this computer together a couple of months ago it wasn't getting the black screen and it booted a lot quicker than it does now. The progress bar lights on the XP screen only made one trip across and then the desk top came up. Now they make 6 or 8 trips across.

I've tried un-installing and then re-installing everything. I moved the jumper on the board but all that looks like it does is clear passwords...??? I unplugged the computer and took out the battery for a few minutes.... I've updated the BIOS.... I went back to an older BIOS.... I even reformatted the drives and installed XP Pro - two different times - instead of XP Home (installed home the first time).

The is a picture that I took of my monitor during boot that shows the black screen with the letters BA in the lower right corner that has me baffled.


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