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Figure this will spur some interesting conversation, wanted a new thread.


Some real nice deals there, :)


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Apple has posted a notice of it Black Friday sale:

Don't miss our special one-day shopping event. Friday, November 24.

Come back to the Apple Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You'll find dozens of great gift ideas — all with free shipping.

Mark your calendars now. And until then, start your research by visiting our Holiday Gift Guide to find Mac and iPod gifts for everyone on your list.


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I wish they would say what is for sale, I am thinking about getting a MacBook.
You can probably make assumptions based on the graphic I posted above. I don't see anything resembling a laptop there.

The sale will be on both Apple and non-Apple items. These items are in the graphic:
Mac Pro (PowerMac?)
iPod, iPod nano and shuffle
Mighty Mouse
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
Mac mini
Music (iTunes I suppose?)
iPod Hi-Fi (speakers)
Nike iPod Sports Kit
Music Keyboard


Blame me for the RAZR's
Sazar what was the deal on the 32" westy?

getting this for the best buy sale.

Best Buy Information Removed November 14, 2006 We weren't directly contacted by Best Buy, but were told by a second-party (I think that's what you'd call them) source that they were considering legal action if we didn't remove the Best Buy information.
So, we've temporarily removed all posted Best Buy stuff. We'll try to get in touch with Best Buy tomorrow to see if what we were told was legitimate, and if not, we'll put them back up.

It's sad that Best Buy is choosing to hide their advertisements, because they actually had a pretty good advertisement. I would only assume that people seeing their Black Friday in advance would only create more customers for them.

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