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bizarre long file name network problem


OSNN One Post Wonder
I have a remote user who is trying to access a database on a server. They are running XP sp2 and cisco vpn software.

Here's the problem if they try to open the database file using
it does not work...says something like can't find the server make sure it's spelt right.

But here's the fun part if they access it using 8.3 it works great

problem is there are links in the database that use long file names. So I need to get long file name support back. I have never seen this before and I'm stumped. Can anybody shed some light on this for me?
Can you get me the exact error?

And... I've seen this dozens of times before.... are you attempting a File, Open within Access or are you navigating to the folder via start, run or 'map network drive'


gothemo overlord
what OS is the server running? Is the server OS LFN compatible through network connections? I can be, locally, without being available for network connections


OSNN One Post Wonder
this is the exact message:
'\\salw2kfs01\common\access_databases\dmt\ms_excel\WMV3_Master.xls' count not be found. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct.

I've looked thru the registry at a few things and nothing is indicating that I can see to use 8.3.



OSNN One Post Wonder
the server is running windows 2000 and is LFN compatiable. We have 200 plus user's hitting this box and this is the only person with the problem. I created a batch file for her to copy it if it's newer and I had to use 8.3 in order for her laptop to be able to copy and open the database.


gothemo overlord
does the user ever access the network from the office, or is he/she always remote? Since it is the only user affected, we are looking at a workstation issue.

Could VPN be affecting access to the DB?


OSNN One Post Wonder
unfortunately I think it's a workstation problem too. I did not build the laptop so I don't know what exactly is on it. she's a person who used to work in the office who now telecommute's. the next time she'll be in the office is May. I doubt it's the VPN because I connect using the same connection and I work fine. If I can't figure it out I'll be rebuilding the laptop and have her swap the hard drive.


gothemo overlord
it might be the client itself, and not the connection. We had connection issues to network drives and Notes servers, because a family of remote users had an older version of the VPN client.

check the version number, and compare it with other telecommuters who can access the DB successfully. If the client itself is the source of the issue, you might go from a re-image to a simple VPN client upgrade.

You said you didnt build the image, so there might be a chance that she hasa non standard build with an older VPN client.


OSNN One Post Wonder
it might be the client. we however only have 1 version of the client we use. I am going to give the client a shot and possibly even a sp2 re-install.

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