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BitUnlocker unveiled.

This massive security hole should have the security conscious on their toes, and fast!

Word arrives from The Electronic Frontier Foundation that a crack team of researchers - including the Foundation's own Seth Schoen - have discovered a gaping security flaw in everyday disk encryption technologies, including Microsoft's BitLocker as well as TrueCrypt, dm-crypt, and Apple's FileVault....
...If a machine is screen-locked or left in sleep or hibernation mode, Schoen and his cohorts proclaim, an attacker can circumvent disk encryption simply by powering the machine down and quickly re-booting to an external hard drive.
This security hole is largely dependant on the DRAM you use.
As data is retained for up to a minute after powerdown in some circumstances, the retained keys are easy pickings following a cold-boot.

BitUnlocker in action

Source :- The Register
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you posting stories so you can access the employees section again :p
Far from it :p...been there done that. Still have the T-Shirt somewhere :D (although it's now faded and reads 'XP-erience or NTFS.org' or something like that)

I did feel this needs exposure however. It's a pretty big story, and well....I didn't see it posted on the main page.

If you don't like people posting stories in the 'News Submission' forum I figure it's a flawed concept from idea to production, yet strangely the section still exists. So as such I'll use it ;)

Think of it as me making your job easier today, oh, and with that in mind; you're welcome :p

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Having been messing with Bitlocker for enterprise deployment recently, I know we are safe as the PC has had it's sleep mode disabled.

But I guess thre is that period where the machine will be locked before hibernating.
I was amazed to see DRAM hold data for 10 mins lying on a table when cooled tho :eek:
Maybe we'll see gangs of hit 'n' run DRAM thieves with cans of compressed air!

im too busy atm to post stories, moving everything over to 64bit, and i have given you credit on the front page ;)
Was only pulling yer leg, hence all my emoticon spammage :D
Thanks for posting it tho /fluffle

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