Bittorrent slows internet connection to a halt...


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I use the original Bittorrent client 4.0.1 and whenever I have downloads going it slows every other web app to a halt. It's noticable with one download going and is just horrible if I'm downloading three. Has anyone else experienced this? I could understand if the downloads were draining my bandwith, but right now for instance, I have three going at around 20 KB/s each and web surfing, checking e-mail, etc. is unbearably slow. My connection is 4000/512 and I usually stay pretty speedy online. I will switch bittorrent clients if necessary. Can anyone suggest one, and will that help? I will appreciate any suggestions (and rep them, of course).

edit: I tried re-installing bittorrent, and I have used cablenut to optimize my internet connection.



I'm sorry Hal...
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zeke_mo said:
You need to limit your upload speed, thats what kills your net connetion. I use azureus linkie: All I do is goto network and enter the new upload speed, I have 386up so I limit mine to 10-15 leaving enough for my to use the net.
I have found you can use alot more upload and still have other net thigns be usable. I normaly have it set to about 80-85% of the total upload speed


What pisses me off about torrents are peers that suck up my bandwidth and won't let me have some of theirs.

I give when idle 50kbs-1, I barley get 30 myself even though I can receive 250kbs-1.

I was downloading a free film, took nearly 3 days, there was about 80 peers at one point least was 5.
pffft thats nothing...

At work I'll often be pushing upwards of 20-40mbps to peers and wondering why I'm only getting 5-20kbps in return...


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Thanks for everyone's suggestions. zeke_mo, I tried setting my maximum upload rate to 15 KB/s and it seemed to help somewhat. Think I'll try downloading G3 and Bitcomet. Thanks again.

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