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BitTorrent on your mobile


I may actually be insane.
Oh dear :D

Wizbit is a Bittorrent client for symbian S60 smartphones, using python. Wizbit is not fully functional yet but David Hulbert, the developer of the Mobile Bittorrent client is planning to release the first major release on July 7.
Although the idea is great, Hollywood does not have to worry yet since the connerction speeds on mobile phones are too slow and the transfer costs too high. But that is likely to change in the future.
Wizbit started as a I Computer Science (actually Internet Computing, but it’s almost the same) project at Exeter University, and defenitely looks like a promising project
Link : http://dave1010.googlepages.com/wizbit
Via : http://torrentfreak.com/


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i was about to say that this is stupid, but considering that in Japan, mobile net speeds are in the mbit range, and their phones routinely can either stream or store tons on movies and music, its not such a bad idea, eventually they'll just be mini computers which they essentially are now, but just a lot slower than most.

In 5 yrs i'd say most new phones will have at least a 2ghz cpu in them, and possibly a gpu and sound card. now that would be miniaturization.
well, looks like I can grab the PYS60 client and run this soon. Might give it a little look tonight if I can be bothered and/or remember.

Looks like the screenshots are from a 6600 also, so looks promising. Dunno, how this will work tho as doesnt current GPRS data services prices per k/b... if thats the case then its going to cost a fortune!


I may actually be insane.
In the UK yes, GPRS is priced per MB. If you're on a data based plan though you can get quite a lot of free data per month.

You're not exactly going to be downloading gigs and gigs of data, more like the odd java game or similar. :)


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**** then they will really be tracking you down, insted of just coming to your door, well i hope it supports wifi, cuz my 80 has wifi, and it would be fun to tell people ohh im downloading this on my phone :p
heh considering how easy it is to pinpoint a person emitting a radio wave with an ID signature from their pocket yoou can expect to get up close and friendly with your favourite RIAA agent :D


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True...but then no one really expected that problem to crop up on the internet. All it takes is one enterprising individual, and come on it is the RIAA, of course they are going to demand money from all those pirated ringtones.

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