BitLocker without Compatible TPM on Ultimate


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I have enabled Bitlocker as above and stored the password on a flash disk which is read as normal by my system. also on file and in print as suggested.
Rebooted the PC for encryption to start but after loading is finished, Bitlocker claims it cannot read the password on the flashdisk, so cannot start encryption.( have tried 2 disks.. both readable on the PC at all times.)
I have 27 USB connections in 5 banks,several free ones, no bandwidth problem showing so plenty of choice.
Adjusted Bootsequence to 1) HDD 2) USB-FDD (presume this is Flash Disk rather than Floppy Disc )
After 5 attempts no joy.
Control Panel shows correctly activated

Anyone tried it successfully?
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Maybe some people thought that without TPM on board mobo chip it did not work . You need to edit settings via gpedit.msc.
It does ... but maybe the problem is ...not on a dual boot system.

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