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Talk about information overload. Can anyone offer a good page on how to get started using Bit Torrent Apllications? How it works? Best download software/clients?

I am looking through the web and there is SO much information on it, it is hard to tell which ones I should use and which ones I should stay away from. I'm not asking for an in-depth explanation here, but just for some nice links that anyone could post and possibly a couple of suggestions on how to get started. Like which in your opinion is the best program to get started with and the best database of available downloads.



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There's no such thing as a best client, it's simply a preference.

If you're going to recommend a client the please provide a link to it. :)


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No such thing as a best client, but some clients are better than others. The original BT client is not very configurable, and most often, it drowns out your upload speed because you have no way in controlling it. If you want the original BT client interface with a little more control ... I'd go with the experimental client at Another client I have used in the past is PTC at Unless it has improved since I used it, I would not recommend it. It takes up a lot of resources and isn't very polished. I use ABC right now, and I have been very happy with it, especially the web control.

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