Bit Torrent Rant (Contains Strongish l33t language)


Random Apple Dude
Jul 7, 2004

For two weeks now I've been getting fscking p!55y download speeds while others have been getting L337 upload speeds and , they would be getting higher speeds if I weren't capping them off so that I might actually still have a fscking teeny bit of bandwidth left to, oh I don't know, say do the things I enjoy doing on the web.

Azureus's policy on dl/up ratio balancing - IS A WHOPPING GREAT LOAD OF STEAMING FSCKING 5|-|!73!!! - see the attachment... does that look fair???

And the "standard no frills attached" Bit Torrent application is also a load of crud, because by the time everyone else has leeched off my un-capable bandwidth, theres fsck all left for me to download with.

Bit Torrent is in theory, I must admit a cool idea, but for me its just one big headache. Hyperthetically, if all I'd wanted an ADSL connection for was downloading stuff off Bit T' then I would have been better off paying less and sticking with dialup :rolleyes:

(Note : This is my rant about Bit Torrent. I'm sure there will be those of you out there that have had better experiences with it, and those of you who have had equally bad or worse. I'm also sure there will those of you who plan to suggest I use a different form of P2P but this rant is just about B.T.

Thankyou :p )


The torrent application I use gives me around 45 down and 10 up. You need to use a different torrent client.
My telephone is also BT (British telecom).


well I only used it once to download a beta service pack, haven't used it since. Dunno if it still works, as you already know I don't condone p2p.


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Mar 18, 2002
you forwarded ports to your machine, I got crappy rates on my laptop with Azureus til I realized I had forwarded the port range to my laptops wireless ip and not the wired ip it was currently using


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Jul 9, 2002
Use ABC or Torrent Storm

with ABC you upload how much you download unless you stop after your download is over

But i always get speeds usin that one and Torrentsorm used others but nothing ever been better lol

But you need Torrents with loads of seeds 75+ to get a good download sped what iv Noticed when downloadin them your getting never gona get download speed till more people have it

But i love it when you get this kinda speed :p



- geek -
Sep 29, 2003
Other then the overall low speeds (could be due to not forwarding ports) the ratio looks normal (sometimes the ratio changes as you get more of the file that others need or they get what you need). Are you on dialup? If so I would say all is well. :p


yeah it sux when you cant d/l your warez fast enough .... oh I mean pr0n ... oh I mean linux distro ... yeah linux distro is what I mean ... :D


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Jun 19, 2004
Concurrent upload setting

I find that the number of concurrent uploads you allow can greatly affect your download speed. There is a setting for this in Azureus, and simply increasing/decreasing this by 1 can have fairly dramatic results!

I run on a cable modem with 1.5mb dl/256kb upload, and my simultaneous upload setting is 4, which seems on average to be best. This did however take quite some experimentation to discover, as a change doesn't have immediate affect. Also don't have too many files seeding as this will reduce your upload cappacity for the files you're still trying to get! It follows that having multiple files downloading at the same time doesn't seem to be a good idea, as each one creates its own p2p network, and as your download ability is pretty much based on your ability to upload on a given connection (unless connected to a seed), then by spreading your bandwith too thin, you simply reduce the efficiency of each connection. Make sence?


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Jul 4, 2003
well scooter, i use the official client... my max d/l is ~60kbps with me being on 512/256 so i cap the uploads to 7kbps until the torrent is finished then uncap it over night. when i come back in the morning i delete the torrent and use what i downloaded.

point is try capping your uploads, it usually frees up some bandwidth got your downloads ;)


I may actually be insane.
Mar 31, 2002
you can happily download at a nice pace without capping the upload, the whole concept behind torrents is to share whatever it is that you're downloading, people who (permanently) cap, or just don't upload at all piss me off, whiners.

With regards to your problem though Scott, as KB already said, try forwarding ports, it helps immensely. Also the torrents in your screen-capture don't seem to have a vast quantity of seeds on them, and therefore shall be slow, it's best to get a torrent half way through it's life, so there are an (almost) equal amount of seeds to leeches, one seed and 10+ leeches will never offer a very fast download, but you'll be happily uploading away to 10 people.

Take a read of for info on BitTorrent.


Thief IV
May 19, 2003
What happened to bittorrent is what happened to Kazaa...selfish masses of people started capping their uploads and not sharing at least 100%. They don't understand where their downloads come from. That's why I turned to usenet.


NTFS Stoner
Mar 4, 2002
SP2 is gunna fek up torrent speeds as it caps the amount of connections per app unless a 3rd party tool is used, and yeh sounds like u is firewalled or behind a router for speeds that low..


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Apr 19, 2002
GoNz0 said:
SP2 is gunna fek up torrent speeds as it caps the amount of connections per app unless a 3rd party tool is used
Have you experienced this first hand, or is it just something you heard elsewhere?
Personally, I have noticed no difference in BitTorrent transfer speeds before and after installing SP2. The issue was discussed briefly in this thread.

Besides, since Scott is a Mac user, SP2 wouldn't really have anything to do with his problem. =)


NTFS Stoner
Mar 4, 2002
lol yeh i missed the mac part ;)

but no i learnt now not to install service packs straight away.. :|
i like to wait for everyone else to find the bugs and get them fixed nowdays, :)

i read a post last week about the new windows firewall only allowing so many connections to help stops worms spreading so fast. there was a fix posted with it tho'

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