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Biostar M7SXF - No AGP ?



The first motherboard I ever bought was a BIOSTAR M7SXF

The thing worked fine out of the box and never gave me any trouble. I used it for about six months.
After that I bought a newer Soyo board and put the Biostar away in my closet.

It's been sitting there about a year now, and my friend just recently tried to build his own PC. So I offered him this mobo.

The problem is that after hooking it up in his case, everthing seemed to turn on except for the Video card. He has a P4 1.8A ghz, 256MB DDR 2700, one 120 gig Maxtor Drive, and a 44x Yamaha cd burner. The case has a 250w power supply which I thougth was the problem. I did not think it was getting enough power.

So I took the motherboard back to my house and put the Biostar back in my case which has a 350w power supply to see if it would fix the probelm. Well even with 350w I still get nothing on the monitor when I turn the PC on.

Everything else seems to power up though.

Lan card
All Fans
Hard Drive

They all power up.
It's just that nothing shows up on the monitor when you turn it on.

I also tried using two different video cards (GF 2 MX, Radeon 9500 Pro) and both gave me the same result. The fan on my 9500 Pro turns on, but nothing on the monitor.

Do I have a dead board ?
I can't think of any real way to fix it, I tried clearing the CMOS with no luck. I don't even get any Beeps, it just sits there.


- geek -
Does it have any onboard video? ... if so leave out the graphics card and see if you get a picture that way. If you do then the problem does have to do w/ video card. Also check bios settings ... do you have it set to use a agp card?


There is no onboard Video.

I can't check the BIOS settings because I can't get any picture on my monitor. It just goes into standby mode and there is no picture.

I tried with two different 3d cards on two different monitors.
After 6 months in storage the cmos memory battery is probably dead. You need to do a cmos reset.

There is a 3 pin header on the mb. WITH POWER OFF. Move the jumper from the two pins its on to the other side. Count to 30 and move it back. Now try booting again. You may also need to replace the battery. check the voltage if you have a meter.


I tried to reset it but had no luck.

i did not however count to 30.

I'll try replacing the battery with the one in my soyo board, then clearing the CMOS, and then try booting it up.


I put in a fresh battery *from my current motherboard* and then cleared the CMOS

Still no luck.

Screen stays black.


NTFS Stoner
strip the board of all parts, inc ram and cpu, then try to power up with just a speaker attached, if theres still no beeps, add the chip, then the ram, still no beeps = dead motherboard.

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