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Biostar M7NCD or Shuttle AN35N-Ulta

Biostar M7NCD for $49.99 or Shuttle AN35N-Ulta $62.99($15 MIR) $47.99 Just would like to know which would you guys get our of these two boards. Ups and downs for anyone that has them? I'm just placing an XP 1800+ with 512DDR and and FX5200. I'm looking into using it as a backup system.


hardware monkey
it helps if you wait longer than an hour and a half for replies. also, it helps if you link to the products and do the hard part for us...

Shuttle AN35N
Shuttle AN35N400

not sure which of these you're referring to. shuttle's site doesn't mention an "ultra". biostar's site is down right now so i can't look up that board.


hardware monkey
if you're picking between those two, definitely get the shuttle. for precisely this reason..

the biostar is based on the nforce2 400 chipset which is different from the shuttle's nforce2 ultra 400 chipset. the ultra supports dual-ddr, one of the key performance features of the nforce chipset, while the biostar does not.
I'd go with the biostar.

Shuttle doesn't have the best name around for quality. But biostar isn't real high up the list either.

On the other hand do you like blue or red better?
I went with the Biostar M7NCD-Pro since it had the nforce2 ultra 400 chipset. The 20 computers I built for work have Biostar boards and havent given me any issues.

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