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Bioshock graphic question.

I got bioshock for my computer.

P4 3 GHz
Radeon X1950 Pro
Windows XP Media Center

Before I ran the game I did "tweaks" to the ini file to reduce the graphics to help it run better. I reduced it alot and set everything the lowest it can go. It still ran at around 25 FPS. It gives me a headache so I can't play it so I'm going to uninstall it. Before I uninstalled it I wanted to see how it looks with everything on the highest it can go just for the hell of it and it runs exactly the same as everything on low. Why does it run the same with everything on high? Low or high I get 25 FPS. I just thought it was weird.
I kinda noticed the same thing on my wife's computer with a 7800GT early on. There are several sections in the game, though, that there was a huge difference between high and low settings.


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Dream, your processor is going to severly hamper your game play.

I have a 1950XT and it runs the game at max settings (dx9) at 1680x1050 and only get a little choppy in a few spots. In the bioshock thread on this forums, I have posted some screenshots of my performance (fraps) as well as image quality.

I have an X2 4400+ processor which is helping me a heck of a lot more than yours is working for you.
Yah, this is after the patch.

I really want to upgrade my cpu on this computer but I have no clue the highest speed it can go up to. It's a compaq heh. I have another computer. It is a AMD 64 3500+, 1 gb ram, radeon x1650 and it seems to be a much better computer than this one. My fiancee and I play Team fortress 2 and she can play it on that computer on high detail and get 35-40 fps in the open with alot going on. I stand in the same place with stuff on medium and tweaks in the hud (stuff like r_specular 0) and get 19-25 fps. we thought maybe it was the video cards so we switched them and the card that I thought was better was giving a poor fps as well. so meh. I don't know. I hate computers. :(

Is this a good computer for the price? its a refurb and I can put the card and ram I have in this computer in it. *shrugs*
I used to know stuff about computers but I've been into console gaming so I got out of everything.

If that isn't a good computer could you show me some good computers that can run games like bioshock, gears of war, all source games, and crysis in atleast medium detail heh. Probably from tigerdirect or something. I'm looking for the best computer I can get with the cheapest price.
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OK cool. Ty for the help.

Also, another question, why is my 2nd computer better than my first?

P4 3ghz, 2gb ram, radeon x1950

AMD 64 3500+, 1gb ram, radeon x1650

It would seem like the first one should be better but the second one gets better fps. Well, when we switched cards the 2nd comp with the 1950 was struggling some. it seems like it is the card. but I thought it was supposed to be better than the x1650. I just want to make sure both of my computers are running the best that they can for what they are.

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