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i have a kg7(abit) and have been testing some "ram config" combos for the best settings and the best speed for my pc. does anyone know:
- a guide that expleins what im changing (LOL, that would help alot)
-a guide to best performance

and finally im also looking for advices on getting my ram crucial pc2100 OC like hell(=P) im currently oc`ed @ 1595 (11x145) and am currently locked. i can boot in windows @ 1606 but im not sure of higher i can safely go.

because a while ago i add a "problem" with my registry caused by a fsb too high (ROFL) it was @150 so 1650 LOL i knew i wouldnt get to boot or if it was it wouldnt be stable at all ...(god i was never wrong ROFL) and since then i was looking for a way to oc` more safely with my cpu locked(not for long )...

which brings me back to this: can anyone help me find the best solution\combo\oc to do on my pc?

i have an 1700+@1900+
sk-6 hsf
512 pc2100 crucial( these run high enough for my plans heheh some ppl go to 175 and more with these)
abit KG7 upgraded on the 22th of october so version 5W(or sumthg like that... accordely to sandra 2002.

appreciate help thx.:p


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I'd recommend you stop pumping up your FSB unless you have some SERIOUS cooling.

Your ram is not going to be the main bottleneck if you keep pumping up the FSB, don't forget that EVERY component runs faster and hotter from a higher FSB and thats put stress on any sound card's, network cards, vid cards etc...

I highly recommend if you want to keep overclocking you unlock the multiplier on your CPU

All the FSB overclocking is going to do is eventually cause problems ranging from random blue screens, graphic corruption, and memory errors, which you'll end up blaming on the program not knowing it :)


well right now i have good cooling(sk6) and good temps.. @1595 im at 43c 100%(full)

still im getting watercooling and unlocking this summer...

and also ive beeen testing my stability and its working "normaly" (yet =p) tested for errors. and it appers that my changes to the memory configuration have made my speed stable (and fast) but as for normal overclockers i want more lol

finally my componants are all in speacs.. with my bus 145 and divider 1\4 i get 36.25 unless i keep them under 40mhz i (or my comp) won`t have any problem with that...

and do u know a good bios guide :D

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