BIOS update for ASUS


The Analog Kid
Ok, I have a board here that I just built a new (old) machine with. It came out of an old HP.

Here's specs:
Asustek CUV-NT rev 1.04
Nothrbridge: Via VT82C694X
Southbridge: Via VT82C596B

It's a socket 370 board with a PIII 933

Any idea if i can get a bios update for it, or one for another board may work?

HP site is useless for that kinda stuff.


The Analog Kid
yeah, gonzo, tried those. No good. Hoping maybe someone has some insider knowledge, like maybe this board is sold as something else under the ASUS label.


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I did a search. The CUV-NT can still be bought. ASUS servers are a mess right now. I did get through to this page but they don't show the CUV-NT as one of their boards. It must be a faked up number for HP.


You need to go through the different cards on this link I dropped and see which has the same hardware (northbridge, southbridge, lan, usb chips etc.) as yours. Thsi will take some time. You could also try running sandra on the baord and see what info (like real MB name) is hidden in the bios.

At least the via drivers are easy. :)

Update: You probably have the latest. Those Bios are all 2-4 years old.


The Analog Kid
Yeah, this bios is pegasus version 2.02 from 2001. And the via drivers aren't that easy, I have yet to be able to successfully update the 4in1's.

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