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First some history. I upgraded my System board to an Intel D850EMV2L. After doing so I started seeing some issues that I needed to clear up.

1) BIOS upgrade to allow my Promise RAID to work.

2) Screen lock up when selecting a link from the Favorites menu out of the Start button.

These are the major ones I needed to take care of. The upgrading of the BOIS was not a problem, Intel has a system where you can do an online BIOS upgrade and it works very well. I upgraded to the last revision which is P21. This allowed my RAID card to work from the PCI bus and I am off and running.

I have had the problem of Screen lock up from the get go and it was getting aggravating to say the least. After trying multiple things I started digging deeper. I have a PNY Ti4600 video card and on this page I found the BIOS settings that I needed to allow things to run smoother for my card.

While this made things run smoother I still from time to time had the screen to lock up. As well the tool bar at the bottom of the screen would flicker when I would click on the arrow to expand the hidden icons.

Digging deeper I found that my System Board is not compatible with the Intel BIOS version that I had installed. As it turns out version P21 is not to be used with my System Board, I reflashed my BIOS with P20 and things are goooood to go now....:D

No more screen lock ups from Favorites and the tool bar is solid now.

I have other issues to deal with on my system, but 2 of them have been taken care of. "Another one bites the dust"......

To sum this up proper settings in the BIOS as well as the correct BIOS version can make the difference sometimes. Irritating thing is that it can be a long and painful cure.........

Have fun..


Let us call it a sharing. It is just information that someone might be able to use in a problem that they maybe having with there system. I do not think that I am the only one with these kind of problems...

I have been able to solve my own as well as others problems from reading about the trails of others in the PC world......

:D :D


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Heh heh... I know, just yankin yer chain. :p

It's always good to share when you've solved a Computer problem (And if yer post is detailed as to the prob and the solution, all the better). Ya never know when someone else is having the same. :D


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