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bios question


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i have been upgrading my personal gaming rig as of late ... went from fx55 to fx60 ...from dual 7800's to dual 8800's ... 2 gigs mushkin blackline to 4 gigs pc4000 mushkin redline ... a8nsli deluxe to a8n32 sli deluxe ...

anyway i was messing with to o/c features of the bios ...and obviously i went too high using a multiplier of 14 ... so then i reset the bios via the jumper method ... bios came back up after powering on... turned on the necessary raid stuff ..set ram timings ..ect...

now it went to reboot and nothing happens .. besides the lights on the mobo come on ... the power supply is on ..along with all the fans.

recently ..i put on the scythe ninja heat sink ..which has a 120mm fan ....but even before that ...

if i was to reboot i had to actually turn the power supply off after powering down via windows xp.

i am assuming the bios is messed up ..so as stated above ..i reset the bios .. powered on ..bios came up ..i made the necessary adjustments... but now nothing.

any suggestions? nothing is burned... nothing is hot ... i tried putting in fx55 processor ..same thing.
If power supply fan comes on for an instant and then stops, no beeps from the motherboard then I would suspect burn out memory modules. Best way to check is to remove everything from the motherboard accept one (good) memory module and one good power supply and see if the board beeps. If it does not then the board is dead or something on it. If power supply fans move then stops the CPU is shutting down the system. Unlike in days gone past most modern motherboards cannot initialise or run the BIOS routines without at lest one good memory module in place.



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i kinda was thinkin that ... but ... this problem was happening before ... the computer would power up ..run fine ...then if i was to reboot it ..it would get stuck and iwould have to actually turn the power switch off on the power supply ..then turn the power supply back on ..then power up the computer and everything worked fine.
if power supply twitches its nothing to do with ram. Its the saftey cut-out on the PSU to prevent overvolting the system and powersupply.

You have too much plugged into your psu for it to power up from cold. try unplugging a few devices and one of the gfx cards of the pair and see how far you get.

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