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Bios Not Reporting Heat Correctly


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I just bought a Soyo-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra Motherboard, a P4 2.26 processor and 512 Megs of PC2700 DDR RAM. The motherboard came with a motherboard monitor software application which is supposed to tell me my CPU and Case temperature. The problem is, it never changes. It remains at a constant 45 Degrees CPU and 37 degrees (celcius) case temperature. What's up with that? Is that really the temperature? I played UT for 3 hours and when I came back from the game, the temperatures hadn't changed. THe temperature being reported by the Bios is the same it never fluctuates. I even opened up my case and pointed a large floor fan at it. THe case temperature still stayed at 37 degrees. Anyone know how I can get the motherboard to report the temperatures correctly?



Sounds a bit sus..... :confused:

Can you actually spot the thermo couples ont eh mobo? Basically they output a voltage depending ont eh temperature they are at... All the bios does is measure this voltage....

If they have left them off to cut costs then that may be a result... The one for the CPU temp is easiest to spot.. Take the CPU out there should be a blue bead under the processor solder to the mothorboard....

Failign that I would say it is most probably a bios bug.. Check for an updated bios!


I thought P4s had an internal diode for reading temps....wouldn't that be the correct temp? And 45 really doesn't sound all that bad for a P4, but if it stays the same, you may have a problem w/ the BIOS...


eeerr... p4.. yes it does! DOH!

My mistake! But the mobo should have a thermister for the case temp.. I guess...

Oh well... Thinking about it it's most likely a bios issue!


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No new bios

The Motherboard is too new for there to be an "updated" bios. I checked SOYO's website and all I could find were driver updates. No bios updates.


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