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Bios Modifying


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Are you talking about about the one that says your manufacturer ?? I was wondering the same thing ...

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Depends on your motherboard as I think the image itself is stored in the bios update, but it really depends on what mobo you have.


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it can be done but its hard on some motherboards, some allow you do to it through windows (asus) and some its really hard and u can screw your mobo what motherboard do u have
yeah that's the one.. i'm using a p4 motherboard out of an hp and i want to get rid of the hp logo at startup... i don't know what board it is though.. there are no lables or anything... it would be neat if you could hack it like bootscreens with pics and stuff


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well open up ur case and find out what motherboard that is, you can also check online by the model of ur hp computer, (ps a lil advice HP AND COMPAQ suck, make sure ur next computer is never an hp or compaq, i have soo much bad experiance with ones i owned and friends)
Techno Child said:
...and i want to get rid of the hp logo at startup...
If you just want to remove the HP logo and not actually replace it, in some BIOS' there is an option to "disable graphic boot screen" , My old acer machine had that option (was a pheonix bios i think). Worth a quick look through though.
yeah.. i'll check and see what it is through hp if i can however for now i found a quick fix= i took an old geForce 2 card that i had in my attic and configured it to control the boot and then my main monitor on the ati radion starts up at logon with the rest... i just didn't hook up a monitor on the geforce and it works just fine... however i can't see the bootscreen anymore so i will need to do something about that

i don't have an option in the bios to disable graphic bootscreen i think that is just an acer thing because i have an old acer that also has that option
btw... i am a mac guy .. i only use pcs for games and modding and i know that hp's suck we went through 3 of them in 2 years before the big switch to mac :D

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