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Now, before anyone moans at me I know I've asked this before, but we've all got more experience now so maybe someone knows the answer.

I have a dual boot system with ME on my C drive ( Hard disk 1 ) and XP on D ( Hard disk 2 )

I want to get rid of ME without having to reinstall XP

So my latest theory is...............

Make an image of XP with drive image.

Wipe C

put Image of XP onto C

Run the repair option from xp setup because of no boot sector etc ( was on C )

Will this work ? :confused: :confused:

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Hmmmm, thanks for the reply, I like the test theory but this of course might trash XP, maybe not so much of a problem because I have the image but I would like to know if anyone has achieved this before I don the battle gear and go in.:)

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Doh !!

I can be thick at times, If I make an image of me and XP then no matter how much I screw them up I can always pu them back. ( still like to know though ! )
True. It will be a hassle for a while as you're prompted to change each reference path when you click on a shortcut, but I don't think it will be that big of an issue compared to doing a complete reinstallation, which is of course then next viable solution.

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