Bin files on PCs?


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Is it possible to extract or use Bin files on a pc? is this a mac format? What exactly are Bin files? Images? a compression format?

any info would be appreciated.


a Bin file is an image file - It's is native to the PC, it is mostly used for games and other format that have mutitracks, otherwards: if the cd has audio files as well as program files, an iso image can only see one track.

In most cases you need a cue file to use it - but you will find at times you have to edit the cue file, which can be a pain in the ass .. but in any case to extract you could use win iso - just open and to burn it you can use a couple of diff progs, my personal favorite is alcohol ..
Its like this a .BIN file is an "image" or for the less informed among us a "Copy" of a CD (this can be any type of CD).

The .BIN file is usually accompanied by a .CUE file (which almost always has the same name of the .BIN file except it has the .CUE extension) and this format of backing up a CD can be created and burned using CDRWIN, which i find to be one of the easiest and most accesible programs for burning CDs, and i believe is the very program which "created" the extension. The CUE file is usually very small and contains information about the CD that the burning program can use to better reproduce the original.

You can add to and/or extract from BIN and even ISO (a similar format) files using WINISO , which will allow you to manipulate the images a bit like a Zip file so that you can add or remove files before you burn.

There you have it - i have used these programs for AGES and have had no problems with any of then and they are very easy to use.

Happy burning.

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