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Bill gates dies....


I'm sorry Hal...
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Bill gates dies and goes before God. God says

"Bill, i don't know what to do with you, do I send you to heaven or Hell?, on one hand you have advanced computer technology that has benefited mankind, on the other-hand you did produce Windows ME. I'll tell you what. I'm going to give you a choice. I'll show you both Heaven and Hell and you can decide which you would prefer, OK"

Bill replied

"Yeah, that sounds great"

So first of all God shows Bill heaven. It looks a great place, everything is serene and nice, everyone lives happily forever.

Bill says
"yeah this looks great, I'll go here"

God replies
"Hang on bill I still have to show you Hell"

So God shows Bill Hell and to his surprise its nothing like he expected. Its like the best holiday location in the world. theres a beautiful blue sea, nice beach with loads of naked babes, everyone treats him like royalty and will do anything he commands.
God takes Bill back to the waiting area an says
"So Bill I've shown you both options where would you like to spend eternity?"

Bill thinks about it and says
"Well heaven looked really great and all, but to be honest Hell looked allot better. I chose Hell"

God says
"So be it"

God transports Bill back to Hell, but everything has changed. Now its all fire and brimstone, torture equipment everywhere an eternity of pain and suffering await him. Bill turns to God and says

"Hey what happened? where'd all the beach and babes go?"

God says
"Oh that. Thats was just the demo version"

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