Bill Gates & 640K of ram


Spotted this todayand thought I'd share it!

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Did Bill Gates once say that computers would never need
more than 640K of ram?

According to many people, he said, "640K should be
enough for anyone." In fact, he didn't say that or
anything like it. He wouldn't have said that anymore
than he would have said, "$640,000 should be enough for

The limitation of 640K of ram on early personal
computers had to do with the central processing chip
they used and the way it addressed the machine's
memory. Actually, there was a total of one megabyte or
1,024K of memory in these machines, but not all of it
could be allocated to ram. Gate's company, Microsoft,
supplied the operating system, DOS, for the most famous
of these machines, the IBM PC. That's how he became
linked to that maximum of memory.

So what did Bill Gates actually say? "Monopoly? What


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Computers really weren't epxected to make it as long as they did I think, hene the millenium bug where they didn't even bother to make dates 8 digits.