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"Biggest military computer hack of all time"

Be interesting to see if they extradite him. I don't think they will - IMO ... just a gut feeling. Too heavy a punishment awaits him - however there is no death penalty issue here.

Who knows?

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
She says he does not deny infiltrating US systems but says his motivation was to try to prove the existence of UFOs and to expose security failures.
So, if that was really his rationale, to expose security failures and the like, why did he

He is accused of then deleting around 1,300 user accounts.

The indictment alleged Mr McKinnon also deleted "critical system files" on the computer,
One doesn't have to delete user accounts, data, and the like to test security...

In either case, he is screwed, and at places like this they do have some booby traps (if you will) in place. Not sure the systems he went into, but here in Albuq., we have Sandia National Labs on Edward's AF base... Many of my teachers and the like have another job there. From what I gather, they have a bit of a sand box to allow hackers to play around, so they think they got into Sandia, but actually didn't...

Heck, when one of my teachers was asked to come in and teach a class at Sandia, he opened his laptop that had an IP sniffer on it to demonstrate something to them (for the student's/administrators own education). Next thing, from what he said, every beeper went off in the room, and the workers told him to close that laptop now, or he'd get them all in trouble...

There are also other methods (we'll be looking at honey pots in this network security class I'm taking) to let them in, but refuse to allow the connection to break, etc that the military would be quite well aware of.

Was not very smart on his part...

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