Big rant about Europe!


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The European Union sucks. I don’t want to be a ‘European’ as I am already quite happy being British.

The EU used to be about a common trading alliance and that’s a great idea.

What happened to democracy in the EU? In the unlikely event that a country gets to vote on an important issue [like EU enlargement] it only counts if the politicians like the result. If the result doesn't fit the plan you have to keep voting until it does!

The latest improvement to the Union is to “expand the limits of the EU to the Russian border” through the Nice treaty. I’m paraphrasing a BBC news programme aired last week in the UK and the way it was presented made the whole thing sound like the winning of a war or something – very unsettling if you know your history [1812 & 1941 anyone?].

However you feel about the EU I’d be interested to know – does anybody else feel it’s all going a little bit too far?

I’d be especially interested to hear how XP-erience members in other European countries feel about this as all we’re being told in Britain is that everyone else in Europe thinks it’s a great idea!

Vive le difference!!


Nick M

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European union would suck. It 100% understand why you are happy being Britsh, and don't want to be the other kind. hehe; I live in USA for what, 6 years, now, and I'm still a Russian citizen, and not really in a hurry to get a citizenship.


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Euro!! Grrrrrrr.


The European Union is this superstate that has been dreamed up by the foremost powers of Europe with the intention of rivalling the USA as a trading bloc and world superpower. Comming into ascendancy in the 60's and 70's the EU now consists of all the major economic powers in Europe [Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain etc...].

Unlike the USA which has an elected leader the head of the EU is rotated between member states. In this respect the majority of the people of Europe do not get a chance to vote for their President.

This however is mostly irrelevant as for all intents and purposes the EU is run by a select membership of 'commssioners' whom are wholly unelected.

Try these links for more info [Googles best offerings!]:

Perhaps I'm wrong about the EU but the future appears to have a very Orwellian tint to it at the moment.



Europeon Union - going to date myself - but I can remember when Britain joined the Common Market - like very late 60's early 70's.

I was a young American Airman married to a Birtish National living in Britain. Things we going fine and things were reasonably priced. Then Britain joined the Common Market and food, clothes, petrol - just about everything went up in price. I felt sorry for my in-laws since their wage packets did not increase any to offset the increase.

Then the converison to the metric system- I had enough trouble figuring out the difference between the American gallon and the British gallon (5 american quarts) - now I had to try to convert liters to American gallons - :eek:

Luckily I got the hang of kilometers versus miles pretty quickly and the decimalization (yes with a Z instead of a S) of the currency didn't prove too much problem - I always had a tough time converting 12 pence to a shilling and 20 shillings to the pound - not to mention how confusing a bob, a quid or a sixpence could be!:confused:

But then came the euro - thank goodness Britain said no to that and the rest of this Europeon Union stuff never has suited my fancy - but since I am an "outsider" I guess I shouldn't voice my opinon too strongly!

For what it is worth - my thought's are Britain is Britain and Europe is Europe and I personnaly feel they should stay separated. Let each do their own thing!

<shut up dy - you have said enuff>


The whole Nice Treaty Referendum was a joke over here. The country voted NO last year, bascially cause they gave no info on what it was about (had to be something dodgy about that imho) Anyway, the politicians didn't like that. Bertie Bloody Ahern had the nerve to go over there and apologise. :eek: Who does he think he is? Stupid prat! He basically said "I'll get it right next time" Unfortuantely, he did. By bullying and lying non stop.

The main point they made to vote yes were, that Europe could only enlarge if you did.....NOT TRUE, would just take a little longer. And something else about neutrality, that was also total crap. I voted no on the basis of those points and the fact that they refused to take our first answer. Policitians are supposed to be there to represent the people, not themselves. I've always thought they were a shower of w***ers and now they've proved me right! :mad:


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I liked your perspective Damnyank!

And as for you EVE - spot on I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

Did you know that in Scotland we now have 4 sets of politicians to represent our best interests...

1. MP's at Westminster.
2. SMP's at the Scottish parliament.
3. MEP's at the European parliament
4. Local councillors.

Great. I'm setting up a fund to buy a small island, ruled by me of course as a benevolant dictator....

General Mubbers.

Donations welcome.


this all is getting so complicated, that was so easy when there were just kings and queens


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Yes - not a view shared by Comrade Lenin - you do of course know what happened to the Russian Royal family... :eek:



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After the Russian revolution in 1917 the Russian royal family were deposed and held prisoner in Yekaterinburg. Shortly afterwards in July 1917 they were murdered by members of the Bolshevik government.

King Nikolai II, his wife Aleksandra and their five children were shot/stabbed and their bodies dumped down a mineshaft. To hide identification the bodies were covered in acid and burned.

They were later discovered in 1979 by a geologist but not officially identified until 1991.

Of course this sort of thing is not restircted to Russia! We had a King who had SIX wives; not all of them died of natural causes!!!



well back then not many people died of natural causes. not a very good time it was to live

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