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big problem with my h-d


OSNN Addict
i couldnt find any forum section that fitted my problem.. but i hope somone can help me anyway.

i have a big problem with my 80gig maxtor disk.
im running on my new 120 seagate now..

when i tried to install win xp on the 80gig maxtor disk i tried to use the built in partition manager in xp installation program, but something failed and i had to reboot my computer with the result of an incomplete partition an the MBR was damaged. now i cant boot from the disk, not even using a boot cd or a boot disk. if i unplug the disk i can boot from a cd or floppy.. but if its connected it hangs after a few seconds after it started to read from the booting source.

so here i am with my 80gigs disk that i cant use, i dont think its broken it must be some way to fix it?

fdisk /mbr dosent work because i cant get to fdisk when my hd is connected...

can someone help me?



OSNN Addict
do you know how i can set a default setting for every install program to install programs on my f: disk? dont want to have them on the same disk as the os is installed to..

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