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Big Problem with corrupt folder...please help


OSNN One Post Wonder
Straight to the pt. I have a :dead: corrupt folder:dead: ...It was my shared folder I used with limewire and I belive my hubby downloaded something bad that has corruted the entire folder...it's been corrput for mths now but it's really starting to bug me because I can't run defrag or some programs on my pc because of this folder....when it's clicked on or accessed in anyway it closes down the program being used...even explorer when I try to delete it, my questions is what can I do to fix and get rid of this folder? I don't know anything about dealing with this kind of situation...thanks for any help:nervous:



OSNN One Post Wonder
okay tried that and it closed the moveonboot program when I tried to select the file...I do have avast virus scanner, don't know what else to do, anymore advice?

Run a search for process explorer in Google, it comes from SysInternals. There is likely something holding onto that folder at boot.

Might be wise to start us off with a hijackthis log as well in this thread.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Has anyone come up with the solution to this problem?? I have exactly the same thing and need halp ASAP!!!!! any suggestions?

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