Big hard disk in Win XP


I may actually be insane.
Depends on your hardware rather than the operating system (although I think there may be a limit.. somewhere up in the Terrabytes though, nothing to worry about yet :D)

Most likely that if you have a system capable of running XP well then you have a system that will support >137GB.
However, check with your Motherboard manufacturer, or post what mobo you have and see if anyone knows of any limitations :)


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Does the limits count as per partition or hardware as a whole?
A bit confused with this area.

Personally, I would split my HD up into several paritions for backups and games just incase the OS flops. Besides, I remove and copy an image of Windows every 6 months or so.


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OK, that answers my question.
I'm guessing that a majority of users here are using the older version of XP, well I am anyway.
I don't have a HD that big, and even if I do get one, I doubt I'll have a partition bigger than 120GB.


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As mentioned SP1 supports large hdrives. also manufacturers such as Maxtor do show patch downloads on their website for the largest drive support, to 250 Mb

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Currently [a year or so ago] only Windows 2000 SP3 and Windows XP SP1 supports partitions larger than 137gb but not by default. You have to make a very minor change to the registry.



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Thanks for all advice.
Very Usefull link speedy_b.

A bit slow replay, 'cause I'm chillin' down in Dubai :D

nice to know it's -4 celsius at home :p


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haha so what if i was to buy a new 300gb hdd and was just installing windows xp w/ service pack 1 would i have to partition it first before installing? i dont know exactly how to make more than one partition using fdisk i usualy do it through partition magic.

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