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big creative geforce2 mx200 problem(?)



the problem is that in the last 10 days my pc restarts every 10 mins, with no obvious reason. Today, however, after rebooting, a message appeared saying that there was a problem with the drivers of creative geforce 200 mx. i tried to roll back the drivers but there was an 'xp incompatibility' message and 10 mins later the computer rebooted again with the 'corrupt file' message. i tried the recovery console but the pc reboots every time before finishing the task, so i cannot do anything (neither recovery nor installation). :(
A month ago i had a similar problem (corrupt system 32 file) and i finally had to format my hd.
i have had many problems with the graphics card over the last year (with win me & xp pro) but during the last 10 days it has become very annoying. I have installed all the latest nvidia drivers but they have not helped. Can you help?


I think we are supposed to guess. Is it that you have trouble spelling "problem"? Oooh, I hope I am right, ohh I hope, I hope!!!! :D


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Welcome razkal :)

Just let us know what type of problem you're having and we'll do our best to help you out.

The rest of you...BE NICE!
I think you should do a clean install of your OS and use the nVidia Detonators only.

Probably, there were remains of your existing drivers that messed up the system. nVidia Detonators are WHQL certified and should not display incompatibility messages when you try to install them.


i did clean installation last time and the problem became bigger.
and i cannot do an instalation as my pc reboots before even starting the instal. or the recovery!
will i get any results if i remove the card?

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