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Big bug in Nero 6

Evil Marge

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Just read this on another forum.

An Chang used our news submit to tell us that the German online magazine PCwelt.de reports that Nero 6 contains a 'bug' that could delete your entire harddrive. The bug is introduced with the Nero 6 Recode project. Bug might even not be the correct word for it, it seems more that Ahead forgot to limit the feature to empty the destination folder for temporarily files.

If this destination directory is set to the root of a disc (e.g C : ) and if the question: "Destination folder is not empty, do you wish to clear it" is answered with yes, all files will be deleted.

For now we would advise visitors to be carefull with this feature and to make sure to answer no on this question. There is no doubt Ahead will release a fix for this nasty feature soon. More information can be found on PCwelt.de .

Update: Ahead has posted on their website that it will release an update that will make sure this will no longer be possible.

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