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Big Brother 8

Electronic Punk

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I am cos I know the GF will be on after.

Pretty damn funny. 11 women that are slowly going to absolutely hate each other.


Quazatron R6 droid
Not me. I'd rather watch Jimmy Saville fight lizards underwater.
Actually that could be interesting.

But with BB, its a good thing they don't supply in-house weaponry, as violence would have broken out otherwise by now.

Of course this is all designed perfectly by the BB producers, as what could be more watchable than seeing a house tear itself apart metaphorically speaking?

Although I do wish they had picked people with more brainpower - a large majority wouldn't have enough energy to heat a pan of water with their brain energy.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, it definately moves away from racism - thats bad, but when its 3 women fighting over who gets to use a curling iron first then its ok.


Quazatron R6 droid
Actually I thought it was funny on one hand, but sad in another, as they don't realise they're being controlled by a puppet master.

Evil Marge

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My daughter used to put in on the telly in the kitchen whilst she was in there making something to eat, I'd walk in, turn it off and pull out the plug out. She soon got the message and gave up trying :yowch: :laugh:
bugger all on freeview, watched 5 minutes two days ago, shortly realised I was loosing brain cells so I went to find some adverts to watch.

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