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Big Big Problem!



Hi Buddies!
I have big problem...
I have installed WInXP pro and after 2 weeks, when I started my computer I recived message : File C:\windows\system32\..\SYSTEM is deleted or corrupt ...
And I had to reinstall win, because I couldn't fix that
But about three weeks later I recived the same message
and todayI recived it again!!!
I don't know what to do ....Please Help me!

PS. It's not fault of my copy of XP because my friend has it and it's working all the time..
"SYSTEM" file looks like the most impotant file in Windoze, and XP will not run without it :-((
:confused: :confused:
What files system are you running?

Are you getting any other Bsods or errors or any other indication that something is mucking up your hard drive?

Have you installed something that's consistent with the timing of this happening to you?

It looks like some kind of file system corruption that's consistent with an improperly configured hard drive. Is it jumpered correctly... set up in bios correctly? Is your bios set to pick it up automatically, and doing it right each time? Along those lines, is your bios up-to-date? Newest IDE drivers?

If you're running fat32, you might want to start over with a fresh NTFS format.


I uses Fat32 file system (I don't know how to convert my HDD to ntfs - and if it's worth to), I have Bios up to date, I uses new Viapack....etc
BTW....4 months ago I have XP installed - And it was workin perfect...Problems started later (when i reinstalled it)
And these problems I have up to now..


I'm running XP Home and had the exact same problem after about two weks. Had to restore from one of those factory restore disks (XP came pre-loaded). I have since partitioned my HD in an attempt to lessen the impact should this happen again. I've been running about 48 hours since I got my systme up and running. If anyone nails the solution I would love to hear about it.


Quick question: When I partitioned my hard drive (with Partition Magic) I set up the primary partition as NTFS and the logic partition as Fat 32. XP resides in the primary. Do you think this will cause me any problems in the future?
Not unless your system crashes, lol... j/k.

You might want to go read up on NTFS... it's a very stable and secure file system, 'but,' if somthing does go wrong your pretty much up a creek for accessing the drive to retrieve data. I have my primary partition set-up on Fat32 with Win2k installed on it... my 'safety net.' If something goes wrong on my XP (ntfs) partition, I have the ability to retrieve what I need to and then reformat/reinstall the XP partition. This concept is covered in those articles... a safe practice in my opinion.

Even if you only have an OS that won't recognize NTFS, it's still offers a way to access the drive with third party software that will allow them to see it. You can dual boot with just about any other OS, even DOS.

As far as your original question... no problem mixing file system types on different partitions of the drive.


This seems to be a problem with Xp And 2K... The registry somehow gets corrupted and there's no way back unless you have a Ghost Image :D...

Done a backup lately?!?...


I am going to install WinME because if I have to reinstall WinXP every week - It doesn't make sense for me.....
But it strange that only one file gets corrupted every time "SYSTEM" - It can't be copied and overwrited , because Every computer has it diffrent one.......
What I have to do...It doesn't make sense , and it's another proof that Billy G should be killed by Talibs.:D
Something is corrupting your registry.

That SYSTEM file is actually your registry. XP makes a backup
of that file after you install XP, but I'm not at home right now,
and I can't rememeber the exact path to the backup.

It may be C:\windows\system32\Repair

Do a search for a folder named Repair.

You'll need to use Recovery Console to delete your old
System file and replace it with the old one in the Repair folder.

Obviously you'll lose all of your current settings, links, etc...


OSNN Senior Addict
When you reinstalled XP did you do a reformat and clean install or did you just reinstall over the previous installation? If you did anything other than the clean install then I would recommend that you backup your data files, boot to the XP CD, reformat the drive (you can have XP format it in NTFS if you want to), and do a clean install of XP. Then do all of the Windows updates before you start reinstalling your apps. Also make sure you aren't installing any programs that are not compatible with XP.


i had the same prob. Mine turned out to be ram! Lower your memory settings or try another stick of ram. Have you added ram since the prob started?


I have 256mb pc133...And I bought it long time ago...But I will try to lower settings - thx for sugestion


I talked to the tech guys at tigerdirect. He suggested I remove the net card, reload XP and see what happens. He thought there might be something wrong with the card itself that was causing my problem. Each time I had the problem, my computer shut down on it's own as if I had hit the off button. I've been up and running now for 1 day. We'll see what happens. I'm running an AMD 1.7 w/256m DDR - I can't imagine it being because of memory. Any other info ? ...


My problem appears after I turn off the PC..
It's not truning off itself..
But effect is the same
SYSTEM file corrupt and BYE BYE XP :)
BTW..One time i Had SOFTWARE file corupted ;-)
File corruption on your hard drive usually indicates some kind of hardware conflict. Is your hard drive jumpered correctly? Did you manually set the parameters for it or is your bios picking it up correctly? If you have it in a master/slave configuration, remove the slave device and see what you see. If you have mismatched memory sticks, pull one or the other and see what you see. Is your bios up-to-date? Have you been to your hardware vendor's sites to see if there's any compatibility issues with specific device(s)? If you have a raid controller - make sure the drive is supported.

You can also list your system specs - motherboard, soundcard, type of hard drive, etc. Maybe someone has had your problem, see one of the components you list and be able to tell you "that's the one" type thing. Or at the least have more information to help you research the problem.


My PC Spec:
Soltek SL75KV2 Motherboard (new Bios,New Via Pack,New IDEdrv)
Duron 700 (not overclocked)
SB Live 5.1 (Xp Liveware)
Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 400 64 MB SDRAM (New detonators 23.11)
2 LANS (1: Internet 2: Local Area Network) (standard drvs)
256 MB Sdram (error free - checked - on diffrent BANKS)
MAXTOR 40 GB HDD UDMA 133 (running UDMA 100)
SEAGATE 20 GB HDD UDMA 100 (running UDMA 100)

It's strange because 2 months ago My windows was running perfectly, But when I had decided to reinstall it, - That was the end of my patience :)

Every two weeks (quite frequently), when I shoutdown windows, and next day when I Start my PC I recive an error "File C:\windows\system32\..\SYSTEM (<- That's it)" is deleted or corrupted..And my windows is Dead...
I checked it with "recovery console" and It's all there, But i dunno why it's corrupted - I had no system confilcts, and I think it's very strange..

If somebody has the same problem - and found out the way to avoid this fucked error in future - Please Help me!


When you formatted the hd did you use the xp to bootup?
if so when asked to format did you have 2 options fast and normal?
If you did a fast format that may be it?try the normal or slow format, Or what drivers are you using for the sb live? Xp has issues when certain sb live cards.

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