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Big Bang in a Tube


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Deep beneath the ground in Geneva, thousands of scientists from all over the world are working together to build the biggest, most complicated machine in the world. It’s part of the most ambitious scientific experiment of all time: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. These films reveal the scientific questions at the heart of the experiment and what scientists hope to achieve once the machine is switched on later this year.

http://labreporter.com/The matter with antimatter.html

It’s supposed to be activated in May, 2008. I predict the thing will blow up and create the apocalypse.


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Wait. I need more leather latex domi fethish marathon sex before this happens.

And to play some more games. And drink beer.

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they have been on about that thing for years, worse thing that happens is a load of anti matter gets out - we're all boned, don't worry? don't matter! :p


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well... they're not gonna make that much antimatter (a gram would cost trillions, they only make nanograms), so as long as u keep ur distance its all good :)

Dark Atheist

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as far as I am concerned, there is god
hows EP going to save us ? :p

and from what i have read they are only going to make a few particals if that and once they clash with normal matter they will cancel each other out so the risk is small


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With all the poverty and other needs in the world it excites me that so much money is being put into an experiment based on an unproven theory that has been around long enough to basically be considered fact in some circles. :rolleyes:

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