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BG gone but not forgotten

Along time ago in a galaxy far far away a small boy, intimidated by his parents, decided he was only going to be a part-time member of his family and that he was going on a long summer vacation to a planet where all were equal and the sun shone all the time and happiness and peace prevailed.

His father who was still throwing chairs around the house and complaining bitterly about the latest insurgence form the terrorist organization Boglle (who this planet was at war with) said that he has to bring in the harvest and that he could not do it alone. His son replied that he was leaving on the next shuttle but would be back at the next cycle.

His mother who had not heard the previous conversation with her husband packed her son his lunch for the trip and wished him well.

During the course of the trip the shuttle crashed on a planet that no one had ever visited before as they were well known as being poor, all were killed except for the small boy. He crawled out of the wreckage and was surprised to find that the planet was actually full of nice people (albeit nearly starving) who had actually heard of him and his parents as they were so well off.

Upon questioning him about his family’s money he said that he had not brought it with him so they killed him as they had no access to any other outside world.

A local farmer passing by the boy’s body decided to bury him but upon finding his mothers packed lunch he picked him up, whereupon the young lad’s body jerked so the farmer, being a religious man took him to the local priest an Obey-One-Can-we-do-it. This person ate the packed lunch and using the “force” a local remedy based on “we don’t know what we are doing either”, restored life to the boy, some say in error. The old man “Obey-One-Can-we-do-it” then said: - why did you forsake your esteemed life and riches to come to this dammed place. The young boy replied; I just wanted to get away from my parents “Obey-One” said

(you fill in the rest)

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