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[sarcasm]boy.... never thought i'd be the guy to jump to buy something new and seemingly neat looking[/sarcasm] (say this in sarcasm cause my old vo-tech shop teacher always called me the techy kid.... cause i was always quite fond of new tech). Should be getting my new BFG PhysX PPU (along with my new LiteOn SHW-165H6S (think that's the model number...) dvd burner, in a few hours..... sadly i must sleep now... since i just got home from work about 15 minutes ago...... >>>>>i hate night shift!!!!<<<<<

Anyway..... i guess i'll take some pics of the card and stuff when i get it.... if i have the time..... and if i feel like taking pics before hooking it up and messing with it.

Anyone else in the forums happen to order one yet? just kinda curious.

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I question your sanity purchasing a ppu, they dont do anything yet!!!! (unless you own GRAW, then again it doesnt do much for that game)


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City of Heroes/Villains from NCSoft will be taking advantage of the PhysX hardware in Issue 7.

There are some game engines that have been updated to support the hardware such as the Gamebryo engine.

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I had one on pre-order for two weeks then suddenly realised it wasn't actually going to do anything.

I look forward to when it will though.


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MHO is that it will catch on as ast as multi-threaded game support. And how many games have it?

With this many components it becomes hard to write code for. With physics card, without, with multisampling for soft shadows, without. And we wonder why a game takes 2Gb of RAM to run and a DVD to install.


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Well...... couldn't take any pictures of it... just remembered that my brother's girlfriend borrowed my digi-cam. but i must say that it does add some rather interesting effects. If you's want... i could take a screenshot of the infamous flag in CellFactor in all of it's post-shot, tattered and torn, HDR-y goodness


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0.o FRAPS seems to usually be unable to make a video under 30MB.... though i probably could encode it to DivX after recording it..... but that's a lot of effort. lol.

edit: how do i encode it to divX from Fraps? i tried using DivX converter, but it said that the file contained an invalid video stream... or somethin like that.
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I am personally waiting on purchasing one of these until performance is proven. By then, the PCI-E version should be around, the price should drop, and maybe even a more powerful version.
yeah.... i'm kinda thinkin about RMA'ing mine and buying one later. for one..... it was only fun for about a day... since CellFactor is the only thing currently out that supports quite a bit of what it can do. the other reason is that it knocked the temp of one of my 7900's up in the mid to high 50's on idle.... and it actually overheated yesterday after playing some cell factor. think i'ma need some better cooling, or a lot better ventilation or somethin..... was thinkin about going water cooling..... which if i return the PPU... that's probably what i'd spend the money on... or at least some of it.
only PCI. trust me..... what it does.... it does VERY well...... but even the game(s) it supports still need to work the bugs out between the game and the card. if i could figure out why i can't convert the video i recorded to DivX, i'd put it somewhere for you's to download and see it in action. makes for some interesting gibbing too.
It WILL get better. Graphics cards were the same way when they were released. It took some time to actually utilize them the way they should be.


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ita a fad trust me, what will happen is nvidia will just put a physics only chip on their v/cards and that will be that.


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ElementalDragon said:
if i could figure out why i can't convert the video i recorded to DivX, i'd put it somewhere for you's to download and see it in action. makes for some interesting gibbing too.
I have the same problem with the latest version of Fraps. I'm on XP64 but I'm not sure if that matters. WMP plays the file correctly but I can't encode from Divx or open it in Vdub. Very odd.
Well, it's kind of a stupid story. Back when AOL was basically the only ISP to use. I had to come up with a screenname for it. All of my first picks were used. Viper... Joker... Porche... Ace, whatever. So I grabbed a dictionary and randomly opened it up and pointed to a word. I had landed on Shepherds Crook, which is the large cane that sheep herders would use to catch stray sheep, as well as it was used in theatres years ago for pulling bad acts off of a stage. I liked the sound of it but it was too long. So I shortened it to ShepsCrook. Stupid huh? I also tried this method one more time for a backup name if I ever forgot ShepsCrook and it's password. I ended up with PipeDream, which was a pretty good one.

There's the history of ShepsCrook.

Oh, and if they put the PPU on the motherboard, it would make EVERY machine have one, except that it would elliminate an added market for Nvidia. Although, they could do this for higher level boards. It would promote integrated parts such as the PPU for compatibility.


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hey sheps i actually found that very interesting thanks for sharing, in fact.... i feel a new thread coming on.

...or as it were... merged haha
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