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BF2 petition needs you!

762x51 said:
You do know that online petitions NEVER work right? You need to call/write if you really want to be heard.

hahahhahaha. calling/writing won't do jack either. god that was funny.

I signed the petition guys, but bots have always sucked. Play vs. real people for a real challenge. :)
Mastershakes said:
but bots have always sucked.
I laughed in BF1942 when it first came out that they all hogged the first vehicle they could get in, and immediately drive their tanks off any cliff or unnavigable ravine. Yet they could fly over you drop a bomb directly into your eyeball...hmmm.
Bots are not that bad on the higher settings! They can pinpoint a grenade on me from a mile away on expert.

I've been tinkering with the settings, I can't get bots in MP :( Which is probably for the better, there are already a lot of clan abusing the ranked servers, by locking them and stat whoring. It would rampage out of control if bots were enabled in MP.

But from the looks of things, I'm thinking SP is creating a server when it starts up. I don't have a second comp on my lan that will run this game but I wonder if a comp on the LAN will see the SP version running if they look under local games.

Its gotta be in there somewhere.... the laser designator code is still in there, as well as the supply lines game mode. Just gotta find server bot files...

I did all the tinkering I thought I needed, but when I try to admin them in, I'm getting an error that they are not defined in the server objects. Don't know if I need to alias the command, or tinker more with the server defination files. Need better references.

Be it as it may, this is a chore that needs to be done on a second setup of the game. PB is probably gonna kick me from all the changes I made.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Well, I don't own BF2 (and doubt it'd play well on my 2+ year old comp), but what they hey :) Not that it might do much good, but if you guys could use another signature ;)

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