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BF2 ATI 6.8 Cat Head Up Issues!

Installed the new CT 6.8 and there are multiple issues in BF2:

Zooming scope on EDIT: light machine gun, support kit submachineguns makes screen go black.
Maps do not show up on launch screen.
Team roster screen is gray now instead of black.
Some items do not show in pop up windows in Stats/Kits, etc.

On the plus side there appears to be major change in textures with no settings changes.
Camo on Bradley typer vehicles shows up.
Detail on submachine guns much higher.

Anyone else seeing problems? The submachine guns is enough to make me roll back to 6.7 though.
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In my case, I have an X1900XT (at XTX speeds) and with Cats 6.8 those issues are not something I have come accross while playing BF2 with the 6.8 cats. And I do a play a lot of BF2. I don't have any issues with zooming with SMGs (like the mp5 on USMC AT) or the Team Roster screen being Grey instead of Black.

What video card are you using? :)
X800XL AIW PCI-e, AMD 64 XP, VIA 890A chipset, 1 gigh RAM.

And that's the support kit light machine gun, I don't use the sub machine guns.

Carbines and assualt rifles had no issues.
Well I have actually noticed something about BF2 recently. Things like some settings not being saved.

I personally play with "lighting" set to Low to remove indoor shadows (helps a lot for seeing people) and lately the game will automatically turn them back on no matter what I set it to. I think maybe the game might just be messing with you or something. Do all your other games work fine?

So far that's the ONLY thing that's happened to me graphics wise and every other game I play works fine, just the shadow thing will sometimes be on or off (really strange actually) and it has nothing to do with drivers, but the game itself.

Edit: I play support and medic the most and while playing support I have never noticed the anomalies you're talking about. I have all the support unlocks and I even tried all the default guns and they all worked fine.

Try copying your BF2 folder in your My Documents folder to the desktop to back it up and then delete the on in the My Docs folder. You'll have to re-do all your settings but it may fix the issue(s).

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