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BF 2142 Patch 1.06


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This update addresses a crash issue that some player experience at the end of a round in Titan Mode.

Following the v1.05 Update for Battlefield 2142, some players have experienced crashes at the end of the round when playing in Titan mode. The crash occurs under a certain circumstance while the Titan explosion is taking place. Today we are releasing a hot fix, Update v1.06, which corrects this problem. No other changes are introduced in this Update.

Please remember that when installing Update v1.06 for Battlefield 2142 you must first exit the game. This also applies when downloading the Update through the EA Link.
EA Battlefield 2142 Download
Thanks, this will make a buddy of mine happy. He's been gettign that crash when the rest of us have not.

Nice, 9 hours in game without a crash. I install the new crash fix and within 30 minutes I crash out of a game... Expect 1.07 in the near future.
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