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beware; scam almost caught me

Perris Calderon

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I got an email from a close friend, he had been held up in London at gun point, effects stolen, needed money wired to get him home

my first email back was "why are you in London on a one way ticket?" since even with effects stolen you can get your ticket re-issued

my next email informed him he could possibly get the embassy to get him home, give me the police report information and I will contact the embassy

and my final email was to get a number for me to call him

all his answers were suspicious but I did not want to abandon a good friend and maybe he just couldn't converse over the tubes

bottom line, my friends yahoo account was cracked and all his email contacts got this email requesting money be wired

beware, most scams exploit the greed we all have, this scam exploited our good will and sentiment

the greed scams are worthless against me and my kind but these good will scams are very effective against people like myself

be ware


Political User
I've had those emails come in over the past few weeks as well ... one was sent while I was sitting next to the person, that was kinda funny!

Other ones that have sent me such emails, I have emailed back asking for something personal about me that the person would know to verify that the email is actually for real.

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