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Beup 0.3 rv2 (MSN For the NintendoDS)


I may actually be insane.
A treat for the homebrew monkeys :p

Just given this a try, and it's a vast improvement over v0.2, much more stable, and seemingly a lot faster.
New features:
- Selectable avatars from card.
- Shows typing users.
- Shows date of last message (and a clock!)
- Emoticons on display names / text.
- 302 xfer for @msn.com accounts.
- Select presence before logging in.
- Option to auto connect.
- Stand by when lid is closed.
- Scrollable text in chat tabs.

- Overall GUI revamping.
- Reducing socket reading delay from 500 ms to 200 ms because of a more stable wifi lib, making the overall connection speed about 2.5x faster. (reducing it further doesn't change much, most of the times sockets are empty).
- Fixed avatar sending / receiving (read incorrect session id in some cases).
- Fixed listboxes, text areas to reduce constant flicker.
- Text fields are now edited in another window, so as not to cram textboxes in the same window as the keyboard.
- Added a clearing button to text fields.
- Fixed lots of bugs related to closing windows / opening windows that caused random crashes.
- Fixed "invisible tabs" bug.
- After closing tab, previous tab is selected, instead of the contact tab.
- Fixed bug where garbage was present on some principal descriptions.
- Fixed bug where the program was likely to crash if a principal was selected and then left.
- Selectable bigger brush on Inks, bigger eraser.
- Wider color selector.
- Removed START button as logoff, replaced with a button in contact tab.
- Added check box to invert RGB subpixel alignment on top screen for DS Lites.
- Fixed Ink transmission, caused incorrect messages if resulting GIF was too big.
- Fixed keyboard inaccuracy issues (I hope).
- Added support for Caps Lock.
- Remapped buttons:
A for Accept / Update / Send / Open Tab
B for Cancel / Back
X for Close window
L, R for Move to Left tab, Right Tab
(in textbox editing, L is still backspace)
Left, Right for moving cursor left, right

Known issues:
- Beup will refuse to open downloaded avatars if their size isn't 96x96 (the standard).
- Beup will refuse to open inks if they are wider than 256 px (can't present those).
- The official MSN client will refuse to send avatars if the last one was sent less than 5 minutes ago. That means that if you chat with somebody, disconnect, and then open the tab, avatar download may fail. (wait a few minutes, then try again).
If you want to give it a try, there are various builds for the different set-ups available, here: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?p=94404

Enjoy :)

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