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5 Jun 2002
I've been using Windowblind for quite sometimes, but I've seen a lot of our forum members are using Visual Style.Which is better ? I'm using a triple monitor setup., I've installed it once but not so happy with it ( VS) because it screwed up my 3 monitor setup.I've read reviews Windowblinds doesn't affect the system so much.What do you suggest ?
Well for me I just use Visual Styles, as I prefer them over WindowsBlinds, which slows down my system. But if it doesn't affect your system that much and you like it, just stick to WindowsBlinds then.
I've heard that the latest version of WindowsBlinds doesn't really slowdown your system like the old ones used to. You just need to turn off the Windows theming service while using WB.

I still use msstyles though, mainly because it's a free hack, and there's no third-party software involved. Besides, I actually like most msstyle-based themes better than WB ones.
what NetRyder said. For me, WB and WB themes just...try to do too much..
WB is a resource hog. VS is better - there are also more themes for VS than WB..
WB Themes seem a bit over the top in general I always thought. VisualStyles are (sort of) Native, just easier, cheaper and quicker :)
I use VS as well. Most of the time they seem more natural and easier to work with.
I use VS too.
I like stylexp 2 cause you can do the logon, boot screens,styles,wallpaper and icons all at the same time :D

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