between avi and mpeg2


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5 Jun 2002
I just need some quick answers regarding the topic above.Which is better in term of video quality , avi or mpeg2 ?
your question is like asking "which is faster, a ford or the road"? :p

they are two different things entirely. avi is a container and mpeg2 is a standard upon which codecs are developed, or in your case, an encoder.

but i think by avi you mean mpeg4, since it is what is commonly found in avi. the answer is, usually mpeg4.
lol. perhaps i should elaborate on my answer above, as i was a little distracted when i wrote it.

the answer should be: for the same bitrate, mpeg4 asp (xvid, divx) will usually look (compress) better than mpeg2 (CCE, HC, tmpgenc). however, mpeg2 and mpeg4 avc (AKA h264) are more suited for high definition than mpeg4 asp, regardless of what divx networks might tell you.

also depends on how good the implementation is and what encoder features are used.
I would have to go with the road as well for my answer.. because for wherever you are going (assuming you take a road there), the road already beat you there :)

And vertigo is right.. avi is just a container that you can use with multiple codecs. And, generally, I agree with the second statement on quality as well.

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