better os for networking / if .. than (Q)

Linux, if so, which one.. so many out there.. or Windows 98 SE. I dont want to buy anything new, and i own 98 SE.


i want to set up Comp2 to recieve internet access from Comp1. Comp1 has 2 ethernet ports built into the motherboard, and Comp2 has 1 ethernet PCI card.

if i just connect Comp2 to Comp1, will it automatically get internet access, or do i need to set something up?


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If you're asking Linux or 98SE, then the answer is linux. As far as networking with that setup, either will work painlessly since it will just be the client, setup is pretty simple. For either one, just use DHCP and ICS from the host takes care of the rest.


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They all have the ability for moderate/advanced users to take over, its just that Redhat(Fedora), Mandrake, or Suse [basically RPM based distros] seem to be easier for "newbee's" to pick up. They just seem to have broader hardware support out of the box, so everything should work a little easier.


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It is true that Mdk/RH(fed)/Suse are better for newbs as the installation and setup procedures are more GUI based and use rpm's rather than tarballs, however dont let compiling from source scare you, its very easy.

If a linux Distro is what you are after i would have to answer Slackware and im sure many others (Netryder ;) ) would back me up, it is a great OS

If you need help in installing packages TK:Tuts

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